Film Marquees & Temporary Structures
Igloo Structure Interior

Sound Stages / Studios

Our buildings are often cast in a variety of roles, but our sound stages often get the star billing.

The Igloo and Irmarfer sound stage structures are designed with functionality and flexibility in mind, giving options for sound insulation, height, load bearing, flooring and access, making sure that they can cover any situation.

The Igloo is remarkable, in every way

Where sound stages of a more temporary nature are required, and rapid cost-effective solutions are needed, we offer our ‘IGLOO’ building.

Our IGLOO’s impressive height at 16m, with clear span widths from 10m – 90m make this structure an incredibly versatile and appealing option for use as a temporary film and TV studio.

The Igloos can be constructed with cassette floor systems offering level floor subbases built over undulating ground condition with options for full or part scaffold where needed.

The IGLOO can be subdivided, and sound insulated to create numerous sound stages, production offices, workshops and more.

Key features

  • Huge load capacity
  • Sound insulation to 35dB reduction in noise levels
  • Up to 16 metre internal height


  • Construction within days subject to scale of project/structure
  • Load capacity, 3 tonne per arch
  • High grade aluminium frame design
  • Internal heights achievable up to 16m based on our 30m wide structure
  • Standard 30m wide uninterrupted spans with further span options starting at 10m rising in 5m increments all the way up to our giant / superstructure spans of 90m.
  • Constructed in 5m bays with an option for limitless extension
  • Snow loading of 25kg / m2
  • Wind loading of 28m / second
  • Wall & roof finishes as standard in white opaque, crystal clear, two tone blackouts to help combat light & heat transmission
Marquee Interior
Igloo with with white opaque PVC skin (interior)
Marquee Exterior
Igloo with with white opaque PVC skin (exterior)

Our IRMARFER sound stages take centre stage

Our buildings are often cast in a variety of roles but taking centre stage is the ‘IRMARFER’ which offers a solution specifically tailored to the Film and TV industry and predominantly designed with the intended use as a sound stage.

Standing tall at 19metres (62ft) with clear span widths from 40m up to 90m this building has superhero like strength and once externally fully armoured with 80mm thick steel insulated sandwich panels to the roof and walls it quietly commands its position as a versatile, affordable, functional, and viable sound stage.

Designed for use as a semi-permanent ‘sound stage’ this building can be deployed to any location offering a cost effective, time efficient alternative to a permanent building.

Key Features

  • Excellent load capacity, 8 tonne per arch
  • Sound insualtion to 35dB reduction in noise levels
  • Leg heights up to 12 metres, apex heights up to 19 metres
  • Uninterrupted clear-span widths up to 90 metres.


  • Rapid construction subject to required groundworks
  • Superior engineering resulting in excellent load capacity, 8 tonne per arch
  • Internal heights achievable of 19m floor to apex, 12m floor to eave
  • Uninterrupted clear span widths of up to 90m
  • Constructed in 5m bays with an option for limitless extension
  • High thermal, sound insulating and fire resistance properties
  • 48 W/m2.K thermal performance
  • steel faced insulated sandwich panel roof and wall complete with flashings
    • 35db sound insulation using 80mm
    • 50db sound insulation using 150mm
  • Options to include gantry walkways and staircases within roof space
  • Water management with industrial guttering and downpipes
  • Suspended reinforced flooring to facilitate plant access or options to build onto new or existing slabs offering advice and guidance for any required groundworks
  • Ability to partition studio spaces with inclusion of sound insulated ‘Elephant doors’
  • Subdivision of building to create soundproofed production offices, green rooms, dressing rooms, toilets, and any other required facilities
  • Roller shutter doors 5m wide and varying heights subject to your needs
  • Pedestrian, automated, and glazed door units
  • Airlock entrance chamber for noise barrier control into sound stage
  • Ancillary services to include heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC), lighting and power, floor finishes, carpentry, partitioning, soundproofing, staging, scaffold and access
Film Studio Render
Irmarfer sound stage
Irmarfer sound stage - structure